Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nov 20

So, first snowfall reads significantly different on the "excitement" meter for a 2.5 year old than it does for his aging parents....
Max was so excited yesterday, he had to step in and touch every bit of snow he could find on our excursions, while I was overly aware of the fact that rain had preceded the white stuff and that equals ICE and I have this horrible fear of sliding and slamming into something.  Perhaps brought on by childbirth and the diminishment of my testosterone...  which incidentally also presaged the selling of my motorcycle, if you were wondering.
ANYWAY, we had a lovely walk this evening, me on the sidewalk, Max across everyone's lawns to leave tracks and here is the dog of the evening, for auction, as is, starting at the incredible lax fee of $30,  which is downright silly but SUCH a sweet face!  As promised or maybe just suggested, the Jax, who I now realize is actually JAZZ!  So, for a shot to help send my child to college, and maybe I'm just being melancholy, you can bid on him here.

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