Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 12

Hey!  Look mom!  It IS Wednesday!  And I have two paintings!  Yehaw!  Whew~

thank goodness... maybe this means I am back on track again.  I do seriously find that I paint MUCH better when I am able to be consistent, which means painting every day, even if it really isn't worth keeping.  It is the practice.

So here we have an irresistible face from the Red Hot Art Festival, with oh so much tongue!  And a snap-shot painting of my drive in to work last week.  I want to do more of the leaves right now- they are gorgeous, though I am not sure what it will look like tomorrow after the rain and wind of today.
Both paintings are 6x8 inches on panel, and are $60 each, if you are interested!

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