Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday August 23rd~

Here is a not-so-great one- but it is hot and I am tired and it seems that there are small invisible insects constantly BITING me as I sit here in the dining room under the ceiling fan~
Attempting to really suggest the rainy pavement... this one will be revisited because I love so many artists' depictions of a rainy street....  gee, I suppose I could see if I could find one to put on here to show you what I mean- 
Ah!  There!  And it is by Gustav Caillebotte, NOT Sargent, and since it is Paris and not New York, that would make sense....

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Sharon Epperson said...

Tomorrow is another day. And, Kat-- it may not be your best, but even amazing has to take a break now and then. :) Chin up, young lady.