Sunday, August 28, 2011

SUNDAY August 28th!

Whew!  LOLA Rocks!!! I gotta tell ya, it is SO nice to be able to sit outside all day and have friends and strangers alike come by and tell you how much they like your work, and then actually BUY some of it!!!
But dang, it sure is hard to get a painting done with all these people coming by!  Here's what I managed today...
And it really isn't done, because I haven't figured out the mess on the bottom left side yet... there is supposed to be a sidewalk and a trash can there, but every time I would be attempting to focus on that little problem, someone ELSE would come by and bug me with money and questions!
THANK YOU so much everyone who came by!  It was a FABULOUS weekend!
And tomorrow I have my new students...  oh that was another amazing thing today... I got to see four of my students from my last school, St Mark's, who came by~  dang, makes me miss them all the more...

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