Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wed, july 7~ Atticus!

Yes, he is named after THAT Atticus, he of the Mockingbird fame, oh our beloved Mr. Finch, both in book and movie, and I was delighted to paint such a distinguished name-bearer, though as I proceeded with paint and brush to attempt to depict this countenance, I felt I was looking at a visage more known for the discovery of many engineering feats but I don't have the tiny little "2" to carry it all off, you know "E=MC..."...
Enough of my ramblings~  I've been reading Douglas Adams again...  here is what Lauren has to say about Atticus~  and I must say his face bears wisdom far older than his years!

"Atticus is an nine month old Golden Doodle, half Golden Retriever half Poodle.  We chose this breed because of their exceptional cuteness.  When we went to the breeders to pick a puppy we had 16 pups to choose from.  Lucky for us Atticus crawled up in Eric's lap and just stayed until we had eliminated all the other choices.  My daughter Sierra named him after the wonderful lawyer and father Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, which she was reading at the time.  Atticus is a dream dog.  He learns very quickly and was easy to train and he makes it really easy to love him.  He loves to be outside, especially in the snow.  In the winter he rolls in the snow and down hills like a kid.  He can entertain himself for hours at a time throwing balls for himself, chewing sticks, and he recently learned to swim.  He plays a fantastic game of fetch in the water and on land.  Atticus is the kind of dog who will put the ball right in your hand if that's what it takes to get someone to play with him.  If your hands are full that's ok too; he'll put the ball at your feet so you can kick it for him to chase.  There is nothing he likes more than to be social with humans and other dogs, although at nine months he is a very big puppy and can get overly excited to meet new and old friends."

What a great dog!  I hope to meet him at the Opening!  Back to packing for the GRAND MARAIS ART FESTIVAL this WEEKEND!!!!

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