Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31~ Zodi!

I hate to admit that I couldn't finish this one today, but man~  it is HOT out.  Whew.   I was pretty wiped out yesterday after sitting in the heat until after 7pm, oh yeah no it was later because we stopped at a friends' house on the way home, seeing as the neighbor was kind enough to listen in on our sleeping Max...  So it has been an incredibly long weekend, tho the Red Hot Art Festival was really fun with lots of great people and a number of new commissions!  But it was really hard to paint there, first because people kept wanting to chat, and because it was just so HOT.   It felt like my body would let me paint and concentrate for a little while, and then YANK my attention back to the fact that I was drenched with sweat and flies were biting every bit of exposed flesh, and it was almost too hot to breathe.   I wonder when it is too hot to be allowed to be outside?
THIS is ZODI, whom I will be finishing later this week~  i just wanted to get the post in so you could understand that I AM NOT superhuman. 

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