Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, HENRY! For Abbie~

And this is Henry~  a sweet older dog, loved by Abbie, whom I met as Duane and I were rounding Max up to leave a friend's daughter's graduation party during which Max disappeared for a good five minutes while Duane was looking up a tree and I was chatting and he didn't appear again until I went into complete mom-panic and asked everyone I knew if they'd seen him and FINALLY our divine friend Shannon saw him in the next yard on the brightly colored play-equipment...   ANYWAY, Abbie hadn't told me too much about Henry, except that she was really excited to have a portrait of him as he is getting on in years, and it would be great to have a memorial~  I hope this does him justice!  I think it is one of my more Van-Gogh-ish ones...  and it was still wet when I took the photo in case you are wondering about the glistening bakground..
And Clover WILL happen tomorrow, possibly at 6am, as we will be traveling to Grand Marais all day and then setting up various tents and easy-ups and stuff....  wish us luck!

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