Tuesday, July 5, 2011

july 5, ADDIE!!!!

Addie is the kind of lab that is full of love and energy and will happily eat anything you give her off the table which is why Jane makes sure all her guests at the barbque understand that THEY will be the ones responsible for cleaning up the resulting mess.  Which was right next to the principal's flip-flip...  on the lawn...
But doesn't she look happy anyway?

Whew!  We are heading up to the Grand Marais Art Festival this weekend and I am SUPER excited and the kitchen is disheveled and full of rubbermaid bins and paper bags and cards and prints and paintings and I am trying to get price lists made and little signs printed up and we are trying to get organized to stay in the parents' winnebago (with them) and Duane chose today to haul a truckload of crap to the City Recycling station, concrete and metal and just stuff so we are both wiped out and Max is too and tomorrow is another day!
Thanks for following-  some days it is a CHALLENGE to get my dog done, I gotta tell you!

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