Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30th- Buster & Bassa!

Wow- this was a bit tougher to do~  and I will be going back into Bassa's face yet, as his expression is just not quite fully available here... 
And believe me, I did attempt to get the plaid blanket behind Buster's face, but it just wouldn't go so I stuck with the emphatic shadows and the rather strong gaze, which reminds me of Vincent Price...  I hope that isn't an insult!

And we are at the moment loading up the truck to head over to Steven's Square, and Duane is cursing at the mess in the garage as he drags out tables, and there will be a birthday party down the block for a young friend that I will miss as I sit in the sun selling our ART!

I hope to see some of you out and about today!
And there is SO much going on!

And TOMORROW is the LAST DOG!!!!!!!

I'll sure miss them...

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