Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th- Goldy & Sota!


Yup, another two-fer~  and both sweet white Golden Doodles!

Here is what their loving sports-minded owner says about them~

"Goldy is six and I got her shortly after I moved into my house.  I got her for company, security and a running buddy. She is named after my beloved Golden Gophers.
Ultra social going to baseball games and all dog friendly event she also loves to swim, run and fetch. She exceeds the phrase “Woman’s best Friend."

"Sota is only a year old; I got her last summer for Goldy from the same breeder. Although not related they look very much alike!  She too is named after my favorite college team Minnesota. She is a little on the crazy side, likes to “fetch” which really means steal the ball from Goldy. A newbie to the lake she is still getting used to the idea of swimming.   A great addition to the family, she makes me laugh every day!"

I gotta admit, these two were awfully fun to paint, with the challenges of white fluffy fur~
Thanks Jill! 

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