Sunday, July 24, 2011

july 24- Sully!

This is SULLY!  A wonderful gentleman of a dog, a hound/St. Bernard if I remember correctly~  He lived next to Duane's house with Grace and Russ and then moved when they did, I think to California, and are now back in the midwest!  I remember most how sweet he was when Duane and I bought Star (a yorkie/poo who now looks more like a schnauzer/poo..) for my parents for an Easter present, and Sully just bounced around the backyard with that little scruffy black puppy, bowing low to the ground and acting as if HE were a puppy, although a much bigger, floppy-eared and more graceful puppy!  Such an incredible dog!  And now he has a human baby to hang out and drool all over!

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