Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20- Champ~

 Yes, this is Champ, who was an incredibly fuzzy, velvet-bristle-covered sweet-faced wrinkly fella who allowed children to crawl on him and was placid and even-tempered and loving.  He belonged to my friend Rosemary's siblings and it seems we all got to have him live with us for a time, as I remember having him saunter around my old backyard on Butternut off Shepard Road in St Paul, when Bingo was a pup...  I believe he was rumored to have some chow in him, though his fur and wrinkles suggested sharpei.  I don't know that I got the wrinkly-fuzzy feel right-  I may need to go back into this one too...

And I have also included a photo of me and Liz Sivertson (my favorite local artist since I was a kid!)  taken at the Grand Marais Art Festival!  It was SO fun!  And this other photo is of the German Shepard HONEY posing in front of the painting I did of her in May!  Of all wonderful reocccurances, she was at the Art Festival with her owner, and I recognised her as soon as she walked into the tent~  she was shy as ever and it took quite a bit of coaxing but she did consent to pose in front of her likeness for a few shots.  I gotta say, that really made my weekend!
Liz & me!

Honey with "Steady Gaze"

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