Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16- Smokey~

 An apt name for a day like today, I guess... and I gotta admit, this one was really tough to paint and I am STILL not entirely happy and so some messing around with this image may happen before the final showing.

And here is what Smokey's loving owner has to say about this special dog~

"I just thought I would send you a little information about Smokey who I occasionally refer to as the Smokster.   I loved reading about Atticus.  I have had Smokey for around 8 years.  His history: My son and I received him as a Christmas present from my sisters.  I had decided it was time; I was ready to get a canine companion and mentioned it to one of my sisters and she jumped on the opportunity to get one for us for Christmas.  I really had only a few criteria; one to go with the Humane Society or a rescue foundation and second was thinking a beagle mix.  One of my other sisters got involved so there was a good balance and I trusted their decisions.  They got Smokey from a rescue foundation called ARF in Superior Wisconsin.  He had been abandoned with a cat in December.  The foundation said they thought he was a beagle mix, the vet thought he looked more like a hound, he does do hound speak once in awhile.  When I first get home and he is so excited to see me it sounds like he says heellllooooooo, so cute, other than that his coat has the texture and coloring of a German Sheppard and a little of their temperament.  
It took him a while to settle in to our house.  He was my first dog and because he was rescued came with a lot of issues; I learned a lot that first year, his fears such as thunder, fireworks, riding in the car, abandonment, things that make him crazy, bikes, trikes, trucks pulling trailers, the UPS truck is a big one and well, squirrels.  I had a cat when I first got him who he so wanted to be friends with, but Sammy never really warmed up to him, then I got Josie, two years ago now and they are the great buddies.  It really was fun to see him interact with a crazy kitten and now cat.  The other day all of us, my son Isaac in his wheelchair, Smokey helping me pull Isaac along and Josie the cat went for a family walk around the block.  It was entertaining for the neighbors. "

Sounds like a perfect family!

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