Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12~ Gizmo AND Blueberry!!!!

 Today I painted TWO dogs, just because I didn't feel I was challenging myself enough and I don't want to go soft in my old age...
Their owner Michelle is a painted herself, and came by to see us in Grand Marais this weekend which is where my mom and I met her in May at the Art Colony!  Isn't it fun how the world spins so smoothly?
And here is what she has to say about her two sweet pups~
"Gizmo came to live with our family about 6 years ago, when he was just a puppy. He grew up playing with our son and daughter and our 2 cats, and they all got along famously. One of Gizmo's favorite games was playing fetch with his squeaky penguin toy. "Penguin" was one of the many words the Giz learned over the years and whenever he heard that word, he was ready for action. One of us would kick the penquin and then Gizmo would run and get it, bring it back, and then crouch down, bouncing on his front paws waiting for the next kick of his favorite toy. One day when Jim and Gizmo were out for a walk, Giz walked smack-dab into a tree. That's when we ralized that Gizmo was going blind. We took him to the vet and to a specialist, but no one could figure out what happened to Gizmo to cause his blindness. It was permanent and irreversible. Gizmo seemed to lose interest in a lot of his favorite things, like going for walks, and because he couldn't see any more, playing the penguine-fetch game came to an end. Gizmo was a sad little dog and we weren't sure what to do for him."

"Then we found Blueberry. Blue had already lived with 3 other families in his short life of 7 months, and he was about to go off to his 4th--in Canada. Our neighbor, and the owner of Blueberry's mom, was worried about making plans to get the little guy across the border. What if things didn't work out at his new home? Soon someone made the suggestion that Blueberry might be a good companion for Gizmo maybe he should come live with our family. It seemed like a good idea. So now Blueberry has been with our family for just about a year, he and Gizmo are great friends and Gizmo likes to go for walks and play again. The puppy energy of Blueberry in our lives has been good (most of the time) for all of us, and as you can see, they make a very cute pair!"


Moira said...

I'm in awe of your work. 2 in one day is beyond. Really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great artwork of fine subjects.....also your comments are excellent!! appreciate it!! Up north dad