Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, ARWYN!

And this is Arwyn, a very special Chiuaua, found and loved by Sandy and her daughter Olivia~  Sandy has a beautiful art car, a VW bug (the newer ones) with a panopoly of fairies painted all around it, and in parades Sandy and her friends wear wings and wigs and glitter, and so here is Arwyn, with a bit of a purple glimpse of her lilac wing and a hint of a halo....
And just a bit of an amusing little glint in her eye~

And we are just back from Grand Marais, beautiful day yesterday!  Like UNBELIEVABLE day, the kind where you find yourself thinking, I would LOVE to live here!  And I got to see a few of my favorite local artists, my special incredibly cool favorite artist Liz Sivertson who has influenced my love of painting animals since my childhood, and Timouth Young whose trees showed me how to see the sky~  mom and I took a class from Liz in 2008 which is when I actually began painting dogs again, and ended up getting a commission right in class and selling two other paintings right off the wall...  yup, that's me...

Oh and I wanted to remind you to come hear me speak ever so eloquently of my life and philosophy of art on Thursday at 6pm at Private Art 2: Key North!!!!

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