Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10 Sunday- Ike~ the Vizsla~

I did get sunshine and time to paint today at the Art Festival!  Here is Ike~   a very noble creature, with regal bearing~  and I actually met a vizsla in person today too!  I mean, wow!  It was like a Dog Show here, or at the best a Dog Parade!  So fun! and what a GORGEOUS day!   Yesterday we were all running to the thrift store to buy sweaters and scarves, and today we were all stripping down to tank tops and swapping suntan lotion!  Our spot was right on the square, looking out over the bay and there were tons of people and boats and SUNSHINE!!!!  I think all the vendors were pretty darn pleased with ourselves for conjuring up such a great day~
Especially after the depressing soak of saturday...

and I believe I will have a few more commissions coming in soon!  So fun to paint with an audience!  Oh and mom and I were on the radio yesterday, the local station, and I talked about the 30 Dogs Project and how it got started.  Maybe next year I'll turn in into more of a fundraiser, depending on where we are financially... and whether we ourselves will be needing a fundraiser!

Tomorrow is our little fairy dog, Arwyn!

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