Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011~ MO! For Kelli~ & the LIST

This is Mo, my sister Kelli's dog in Columbia~
This is the first dog in the series of 30!

And I have the revised Official List at the end of this story, and also on my website for the 30 Dogs Project here!

And this is Kelli's story of how Mo found her, and took her in with those big brown eyes!

"It was May 2010, my first day back in Bogota after being out of the country for a month. Because it was dark and rainy, I decided to walk a different route home from work. On my way, I saw a cute little dog running down the street. I noticed she was not with any humans, but that she had a collar. So I figured I would check for the address and bring her home. She was shy, but came up to me and let me pet her. So I went under a light to look at the tag on the collar and there was no identifying info, except a number for a rabies shot five years earlier and "Motas" written on the back of the tag. (I later learned that the collar and tag, and name, probably weren't hers. But I digress.) I wasn't sure what to do, so I started to walk slowly toward home (hoping she might lead me to a house that was obviously hers), but she followed me the whole way. On my front steps, she stopped, sat down (wet, cold and shivering) and looked at me with her enormous, sweet doggie eyes. I had no choice. I let her come in, figuring we would find her owners the next day. Umm, yes, that did not work out. I searched for weeks, but never found an owner. So, somehow she ended up adopting me (yes, that is how it was; NOT the other way around) and I had a Colombian street dog for a roommate. She was the sweetest, most loving, funny, energetic dog ever. (And maybe one of the sheddiest, too, if that's a word.) Just last month, I had to give her up because I was moving to the Middle East. Fortunately, a sweet Colombian co-worker of mine, who has two dog-loving children, hubby and live-in nanny, offered to adopt her. Handing her over was incredibly difficult, but I know she is having a blast with her new family and I hope to see her on my next visit back to Bogota. Little "Mo" (who was dubbed "Moses," "Mojito," "Mo Mo," "Mosley," "Mona," and many other such monikers by my friends) will always be one of the best dogs and proves that you don't need a pedigree to be a big ball of love.  "

July 1- "Mo"  Kelli C~ (mixed breed)
July 2- "Toby"  Wendy (Boston Terrier)
July 3- "Jeremy"  Lisa A(mixed breed) 
July 4-  "Cooper"  Mary (Corgi)  
July 5- "Addie"   Jane  (Black Lab)
July 6-  "Atticus"  Lauren  (Golden Schnoodle...)
July 7- "Henry"  Abbie (mixed breed)
July 8-  "Clover"  Christine (mixed breed)
July 9-  "Hudson" Liana ( Basset Hound)
July 10- "Ike"  Julie  (Vizsla)
July 11- "Arwyn" Sandy (Chiuaua)
July 12- "Blueberry" (Havanese) "Gizmo"  (Papillon) Michelle
July 13- “Gucci” Megan (Shih Tzu)
July 14- "Stella"  Kari  (mixed breed)
July 15- "Bitsy & Otis"  Krista (Rottweiler & Boston Terrier)
July 16- "Bassa" & "Buster"    Mark (Scottie)
July 17- “Coco” Bethany (poodle)
July 18-  “Spencer/Luna”  Shawna (standard poodle)
July 19- "Afton" MaryJane  (mixed breed)
July 20- "Champ" Rosemary (Chow-mix)
July 21- "Woodstock"  Karen (Basset) 
July 22- "Peeps" & “Scout”  Helen  (mixed breed)
July 23- "Basil" Lea (Lhasa Apso)
July 24- "Sully" Grace & Russ (Hound)
July 25- "Eddie"  Carla (Daschund/Beagle)
July 26- "Moxie" Rob (Burmese Mountain Dog)
July 27- “Cody” John Gettler (chiuaua/daschund mix)
July 28-  "Goldy" and "Sota"  Jill (Golden Doodles)
July 29- "Ditto" Tabitha  (Schnauzer)
July 30- “Smokey”  Kelly
July 31- "Zodi" Julie  (Husky)

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Beautiful start! Mo is wonderful.