Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, Wednesday 2011

 So these are a couple of commissions I've been working on~  just felt I've been a little negligent of what I like to think of as my secret little support group~  and I really wanted to post something!  I mean, I had a great time up in Grand Marais and got a PILE of stuff done, and then I've been busy as heck since then, with some GREAT news (for me!)~  I will be teaching art at Breck School next year!  I am SUPER-excited to be going somewhere new after such a wonderful long run here at St Mark's~  it is really nostalgic at this point to be cleaning up my classroom and getting rid of stuff~  I am one of the teachers who has been here the longest at this poin.  And I really love the kids-  man~
But I really am excited about new doors opening and new opportunities making themselves known...

I am also excited about my upcoming show at Private Art 2: Key North- The show will be hung this weekend and the opening is on June 30th, so you have lots of time to get over there!  It is ALL DOGS!  And it will feature my most recent 5 big paintings, 30x40!
SO much happening!
I have to get back to these commissions and get them FINISHED!!!!

thanks for following!

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Tracie said...

I really like seeing these paintings. They inspire me to have more fun with my own work.