Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26th, Tuesday

Wow.  What a long rainy, squirmy adolescent-filled day it has been...   All junior high today, all kinds of misdirected energy... we're going on a field trip tomorrow to the Science Museum to see KING TUT!  They must just be as excited as I am....

So Jan asked me to paint an art bike and an art car for the art car parade stuff this year-  this is what I have so far~
Oh, and if you are in town this weekend and NEED some fun gifts ideas for graduations and weddings and Mother's Day, come see me!  I'm at the Historic Pilney Building on West 7th at Randolph from 10 to 5, Saturday only!  There are a pile of creative, exceptional, hand-made LOCAL artists!
Oh geez
I almost forgot the "20 CATS (Or MORE) in 30 DAYS" Opening is THIS FRIDAY at Diamond's from 6 to 8pm!  Diamond's is on Central ave, a bit north of the Northrup King, a titch south of 18th!
see ya somewhere!

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