Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th~ Updated List!

Hi all!  Just thought I'd send out this updated list so you'd know who is up when!  Today I tackle Umami for Tracy~  And I gotta say, I am loving the fact that this project MAKES me sit down and paint everyday~  I am one of those people that really benefits from a deadline.  This is one reason I apply for so many shows and submit to so many exhibits~  then I HAVE to produce work.  Pretty clever, ay?
And again, if you don't see yourself on here and thought you were in, PLEASE e-mail me!  I have been happily busy and may have missed something!  

1  Josie (Kelly G)
2  Gracie (Regan & Donna)
3  Sally & Domingo (Andrea) 
4  Banjo &  Bucket (Monica & Frank)
5  Trunkles (Mimi)
6  Bob (Erika)
7  Umami (Tracy Y)
8  Boo (Sally I)
9  Emma (Jan & Dave)
10  Leo (L)
11  Pokee & Moonpie (Lorin)  
12  Damon (Joe O) 
13  Fizzie & Whiskers (Sandy E)
14  Thea  (Amiee & Co) 
15 Dakari (Christine)
17 Jamie-Lee (Carla)
18  Charlie (Jan R) 
19  Skeeter & Squeegee (AnnL)
20 Pery & Gulliver (Shari & Chris)
21 Gavin (Lori!)
22  Gingersnap (Allison & Weston)
23 Caper (Mimi)
24 Tiger (John)
26 Betty (Jeanne)
27 Janet's kity
28 Ginger (Bill!)

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