Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4th~

Right, what's that joke?  What day is a Soldier's favorite day?  march 4th~  hmmmm..
May have gotten a tad cocky yesterday~  this really is tricky figuring out how to squeeze in time to paint-  we ran to the WARM Temporality show at the Grain Belt Brewery at 4:30, got there by 5, had to leave by 5:45 because Max was stealing all the chocolate cookies within his reach and getting to the 2 year old volume level that is uncomfortable for most other adults, especially those wanting to wind down and enjoy some wine after work and look at some beautiful art and NOT have to deal with loud children...
so long story short, I am not going to push to finish this one, because I like where it's going and if I push it right now, tired and with a couple glasses of wine, it may not turn out how I want it to.  So I am leaving you with a lovely shot of my work area set-up, and a closer shot of the joy of being a sibling~
I will finish this tomorrow, I promise Moon!  And Frank~


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