Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, Monday!

I know it's Tuesday, and I haven't painted the piece for today yet, but I did Gavin last night up here in Grand Marais and forgot my camera so I had to use photobooth to take the pic-  I like this one!  I hope Lori does too~  the photo isn't really great-  I'll have to send better ones out when we get home and I get my camera!!!
It is COLD and WINDY up here and there are Blizzard warnings out til wed eve, so we'll probably be up here til thursday~  mom and dad and us, in a two bedroom suite at the East Bay hotel~
the waves are pounding the shore right outside our window~
If you've been paying attention, you would realize I have accomplished more than my original TWENTY!
And today is the 22nd....

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