Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20th, Sunday! Percy AND Gulliver!!!!!

Yup!  Two in one day!  It is amazing what can happen when I get a decent couple hours in a row!  These two are cats who are in the same family, and I usually really like to paint them together, as in, both at the same time because then the color palette will be a lot closer and the "feel" of the pieces will ring true.  Sometimes if I am painting a double commission, I wait until I have a chunk of time like this morning, or I paint parts of both at the same time and then try to finish them together at the same time.  I can never control all of what happens at the end of my paintbrush.  Some things that occur are seriously magic.  THAT"S the fun part!
This is Gulliver- lovingly backlit~

...and this is Percy, who appears to have quite a gaze...

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