Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, FRIDAY!!!!!

Wow this has been a LONG week, as they often are after a monday off.  Tho it wasn't too much off, what with Grama's funeral and family in town and staying over at the 'rents with the rest of the sibs...  and all the other little things that had happened over the last weekend that caused Max's sleep schedule to get entirely out of whack...
We are starting to get back on track, thankfully, and he is sleeping better, and his little burned hand looks TONS better.
ANYWAY this is a commission I finished last night, and another winter scene from Pine City, and THEN you will be deluged with CATS as I proceed into my March Madness and start on the "20(or more) Cats In 30(or thereabouts) Days" Project!!!


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