Friday, January 7, 2011

...Yes, it is a new year- and I realized I didn't get June in on that last post!  So here she is~  I've been taking it a bit easy the last week, catching up and getting over a hacking, dripping, sneezy, crabby cold, probably caught from darling Max who Duane is teaching to cough and sneeze into his sleeve but who still mostly blows all over everything in his path including food and us.
I purposely left Jan open, and then jumped on a chance to have a show at the Blaine City Hall this month, with an opening on Jan 18th, 6-ish to 8 I think, with Layl McDill and Rita Schaefer-Seaton-  
To my surprise, Blaine City Hall is within a half an hour of our house, so if you are able to come for the opening, that would be great!
And then mom said she and I are invited to show at Bethesda Hospital this Feb and March, and I have a solo show at the Pine City Arts Center too in Feb, with that opening on Feb 11th!
Wow~  so much for trying not to plan anything...

And I spent some more time working on painting Max over break.  Not terribly happy-  really realizing I need to commit to painting daily again to keep this visual sense of color that I LOVE.  Too frustrating to let it go for a week and then try to pull it up again~
so, a possible "30 In 30" may happen this late winter...

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Sharon Parker said...

Maybe it's not such a bad thing there's no Art Shanty Project this year, eh? I thought of you when I read (recently) that they were going to skip this year, but now I'm thinking that may be a blessing after all. Good luck with the Blaine show, and all that other stuff. I'm enjoying the blog and glad to see you're doing cat portraits, too.