Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22! MOnday of Thanksgiving Week~

Wow i do NOT like winter driving... maybe someday we'll own one of those heavy thick tired monsters that seem to never get stuck, but for the moment, I keep planning on adding more mirror bits to my hood because the mazda is just SO slidey! It's just not heavy enough, I guess~ and it scares the heck outa me! Ack. Duane actually said if I have trouble leaving school this afternoon, I can call and he and Max will come and get me, because he KNOWS how crazy I get.
this is the first human NOT related to me that I've painted! And it didn't turn out half bad! It was for his 2nd birthday and for his privacy I will not reveal his name unless you e-mail me and ASK me! And some of you know who he is, I am sure! But I was happy to see I CAN paint other people than those I live with. I am not ready to start painting people for other people yet so don't ask. I am only just starting on cats!


plo said...

Kat, this is really great! He is adorable, and I just love it! About the snow, you miss it when you don't get it! Even my kids are always pining for snow! Enjoy!

kat corrigan said...

thank you!
I DO like this particular human, and we DID get winter tires on the Mazda! the difference is like cowboy boots to hiking boots! One is great for dancing 'cuz there's no traction at all, and the other is great for climbing slippery rocks...