Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 27th Monday!

Working my way through a lovely pile of commissions! THIS one I would almost like to keep! Sweet Westie in a pile of leaves, really fun to do, lots of blue with orange accents...

The Birchwood Cafe show has been an amazing opportunity for me- so many people have seen my work there! And it is just a great place to be! I will be there again this Sat, Oct 2 from 2 to 5 for the Seward Art Festival and will be taking down the show on Sunday eve~ and THEN a bunch of it will be at our L-7 3rd Annual Firehouse Show on Sat Oct 9th! So many fun events coming up!

I also spent most of yesterday SEWING- man, I forget how much I NEED to do that side of my creative brain too. Making FRANKENStuff is like sculpting and designing and thinking three-dimensionally because I have to figure out how the piece will fit better with what I add or take away. It is all pretty intuitive. I've wanted to teach classes on how to cut up old clothes and reclaim them, especially as I've gotten older and my body has changed and so has the style of my clothes, but I have those old favorites that I want to hold onto somehow... so many Art Car t-shirts that were from that "cropped" period... don't really expect the muffin-tops to melt any time soon. So my biggest challenge has been to figure out how to extend a t-shirt for more coverage....
I will have the newest ones at the Firehouse show, if you are interested!

so much to do, so many things to make!

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