Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9~ Secret Guest!

So this is my work area- also known as a Dining Room. That's the Table my Stuff is on. To the right is the Desk, where paint waits to become useful and various works in progress linger and fuss.

The person I had put down for today never got back to me with any images, so I picked a photo from my waiting list and got to work. This is much later than I usually like to paint, but my mom's Birthday Party last night got to be way more involved than we'd expected, and a lot more fun, and I had handed my watch to Max in his car seat earlier in the day which meant it was buried under baby debris in the back seat somewhere and I didn't have it on last night to tell me the time... consequently, we had WAY too much fun and sat up talking too late and today was a day of running around trying to catch up.

So anyway, the brown dog is Homer and he's running on the ice with his pal, playing tug-o-war on a dishtowel, it looks like~ This is for my sweet dear best friend in Wisconsin! It was kinda fun painting ice on an 85 degree day...


Brenna Busse said...

Hi Kat
these paintings are fabulous --
so full of life and personality
and great, yummy paint strokes
Fin is happy that it is HIS day today!
looking forward

Kristin said...

I like the energy in this painting of the two dogs. They really look like they are running!

Jill said...

Homer and C.C.! You did it! What a wonderful job!

I like that you made the composition longer than the photograph.

This is beautiful.