Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8! Cricket~

Hi all! This is Cricket, the Pekingnese... did I spell that correctly? It looks okay. The first Cricket didn't look okay. I am a bit happier with this one, especially the floppy-muppet feel of her front feet~ And I always like painting dogs on wood floors. I may go back into her eyes though. They look a little red and demonic. Or is that a part of the breed?

I may need to paint a cow tomorrow. We ran up to Duane's sis' place in Becker this morning to drop off some bolts from his brother in Brainerd and they have cows and sheeps and lovely shepherdy dogs, so there may be a couple extras soon~

Thanks for following! I am loving the e-mail comments I'm getting. It hasn't been too hard yet, but I have been more faithful to this than I have been to yoga lately. It is amazing~ I like painting every day... whodathunkit?

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Kellybot said...

My sweet puppy! She looks awesome - great job!

Cricket's quite old and I think the cataracts prevent me from ever getting a decent photo of her eyes. They're not demonic in real life :)

And I think it's Pekingese ("Peking," as in the place and then "ese," maybe meaning from there?)