Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5th!

Yes, our internet was down last night and I was exhausted but I DID get Nala painted, I just wasn't able to post her until NOW~
SO I apologize for not being able to show her to you yesterday, since Tony is due today, and I am getting right on that as soon as our little imp is taking his nap.
Tini, thanks for sending the extra photo, but I really fell in love with her expression in this one.
This was a surprisingly fun one to paint. At first, I was frustrated and couldn't figure out how to really have Nala's beautiful grey fur and delicate spots show to their best advantage, and also be sure to include the darks and the lights from the door illuminating her chin. But I am really happy with this one! Especially her eyebrow and her gaze...
stay tuned for Elizabeth's Tony!

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