Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4- "Warren"

Alrighty! Happy Fourth of July! Wahoo~ This is Warren, what a great face! I love painting shadows as well, nice darks and lights in this one~
Really, I am having a total gas! Warren's owner asked me to do two of her dogs, and seeing as we aren't doing a whole heckuva lot today, I may try to toss in Gurdy as well... we will see~ somedays just painting one dog isn't enough. I get into the mood and the paint is glistening and the Pogues are singing (yes, i know, not very patriotic. I will listen to some Bruce Springsteen later...) and I just don't want to stop!
I have taken a video of me painting, altho I don't think it is very good. Duane has promised to help me later, since I don't know how to get it off the camera and onto this blog, but that's part of why I took this project on- to LEARN new skills~
...and it is working~
Stay tuned! You may get double-dogs today!

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