Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30~ Beans!

Wow. It is already July 30th. I am SO not done painting dogs yet... but I am getting a hankering for more trees, and a few Maxes too. So here is our 30th Dog, little Beans, who has a sibling named Frank that we were supposed to be doing together. I mean, how cute is THAT? Frank n- Beans, the Weiner Dogs. And this is such a great puppy shot~ I love the little shoulder hunchy bit, and there was a stick in his mouth but I took it out because I didn't want anyone worrying about the puppy's safety. No actually I removed it for the composition, but that's a better story.

And here is a shot of my studio space as it looks right now- I am preparing all the dogs and getting them ready for their outings to the public this weekend, with hanging wires and signatures and dates and all that official stuff.

And I also included a Max from Grand Marais that I finally finished and like~

AND I don't know who I will paint tomorrow, so if you asked to be on the waiting list, stay tuned because it could be YOU!!!!


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kathrin said...

I like your doing, big hugh Kathrin