Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 14- "Panchan" in Yorkshire!

... and THIS is Panchan! Which means "Potluck" in Korean, is that right Andy? This is Andy and Kathy's dog, our friends in England- we were honored to be at their wedding in 2006 with Bingo, our lab mix, and they both have been looking for a dog that would fit their creative and intense lifestyle and they've found him!

In their own words-

"Panchan is a rescue dog from Manchester Dogs' Home. We chose him because he was lying on his back, relaxing, with his feet in the air, while all around him was a great cacophony of barking, frenzied dogs....he was so COOL. Since living with us, he's become a seasoned theatre dog. He comes with us to our workshop when we make shows and travels with us to all our performances; he's even been with us to France and Italy, where he was known by the locals as "cane piccolo".

"He's enjoying the new neighbourhood he's moved to, opposite the park, where he still loves to play with his rubber ring (you'll remember this, Kat, from our walk to Hardcastle Crags) but is also developing new interests such as meeting dozens of new dogs a day, and making sure the squirrels are kept tidily in their trees!

"He's about five years old, and his favourite treats are yoghurt, corn on the cob, and the end of the Indian take-away containers.

Just at the moment he's lying on the bed in familiar pose......on his back with his legs in the air."

Can't wait to get back there and see him again!
oh, and you guys too!


Andrew Kim said...

Thank you Kat, it's wonderful! We've been looking forward to your painting for a long time and were very excited when it popped up on our screen. You really captured his playful energy. Panchan thinks he looks very handsome.

Kathy, Andy and Panchan

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I like it so much!