Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11- Kenai

oh what a pleasantly cool morning, to be painting a dog in the snow! Whew~ maybe the snow paintings are harbingers of less exhausting weather. So many people I talked to last night at 801 agreed that they have been just TIRED lately. Being Minnesotan, I do believe it IS the humidity.
So this is Kenai, a gorgeous mix who lives in our 'hood, though I have yet to meet him, or his owner Peggy! Sorry that I didn't do the rye field, Peggy, that one may happen later but this one drew me in with his eyes. And that thick shiny coat of fur! Maybe that's just his winter coat and he's probably a shedding, panting monster right now, but this was just too beautiful to pass up. Thanks for sending him to me!
Enjoy the weather!

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