Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10- Finn!

I LOVE meeting the owners of these lovely beasties- I mean, I've known Brenna for a while, and I think everyone who knows Brenna sees her energy and her spunk and her openness and ability to really listen to you and make you feel like the most interesting person around~ well, her dog Finn is very much like Brenna! What a fun personality- and just like Brenna, Finn had a tint of henna in his fur~ it was a beautiful morning when I buzzed over to take these photos and Finn was eager to pose in many different attitudes~ this one seemed to capture the spirit of our endeavor the best~

Thank you Brenna!


Brenna Busse said...

thanks Kat!!!
WE ALL LOVE the Finn portrait!!!!
You totally got the his energy
and his attitude!!!!
thanks thanks
puppy kisses all around
Brenna, Antara, Dan
and Finn

Anonymous said...

I really love your... I don't know what to call it... approach? The design? You seem to capture something that makes me feel I'm experiencing being there.