Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wow~ my brain is RINGING! i just had an excellent workshop from the Creative Capitol people at the Loft all day, and then walked outside and WHO WAS WAITING FOR ME but MAX and DUANE! they'd biked in to bike me home~ and so after putting Max to bed (over and over again- he was would up, perhaps after falling into the bathtub he scared himself...) I got onto my e-mail to check on my "30 Dogs In 30 Days" project and WOW is this generating a lot of interest! I am having a GAS checking out dog photos that people are sending me! My list is filling up FAST!

So a brief explanation, as more details will follow as I figure them out- this is way bigger than I thought!
I want to really commit to a daily painting practice because I have found over the past year, after Max's birth, that I CAN be a mom and an artist too, and that I can find the time to do this if I make it important enough to ME. SO, I have decided that 100Dogs In 100 Days is a bit too much at this point, not that I doubt I could do this, I just don't want to stress my new young family (Duane especially) too much... so I am going for "30 Dogs In 30 Days" and am selecting July as my month. I will be doing one 10x10 unframed acrylic painting a day, on a black-gessoed panel, using my favorite Golden acrylic paints. Each piece will be posted as it is finished on this blog, perhaps along with pithy comments and maybe a video or two of me working, since that sounds kinda fun too~
So stay tuned folks, and spread the word!
Oh and I am looking for a space to display the finished work for a brief time in August, since some are commissions and I will be wanting to get them to their owners- so if you know of a space or have any clever ideas, please let me know!

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