Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PREPPING for "30Dogs In 30 Days"!

This is the ever-cheerful, squinchy-faced pug named Millie-Pig, painted from my friend (her owner)'s Facebook page~ I have requested a larger photo so I can do a larger painting. This is a 7x7. She is VERY squinchy.
And my "30 Dogs" are chosen for the "30 DAYS"! I am FULL! Wow~ I can't believe how fast that happened- I thought I'd have to beg people to let me do their dogs, but no, I have to put a couple close friends on hold for a bit so I can do some lovely new dogs~
Oh the joy of the shape of a dog! My favorite bit is honestly the hindquarters, the shape of the haunch. I just love the curve of the back, to the tail, to the back leg sliding into the more delicate bones of the ankle to the point of the nails~ ahhhh~

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