Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-Painting 30 Dogs...

Okay, here is an example of a piece I really can't stand. Some of it works, but really, I've spent too much time on it and can't fix it, so it is being gessoed over and started again. I am painting about a piece a day at this point just to get into shape for my marathon month coming up next week here! A few will be posted for your viewing pleasure...

and if you are wondering what bugs me the most about this one, it's the sweet peke's eyes- they are just not working. And I am afraid the problem is the photo was taken with a flash so the eyes are funny-
here, I should just include the photo too.

and i can see i made the head too big too~ ah well~ if at first I don't suceed, I gesso it over and do it again! Just like Underdog-

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Kellybot said...

Awww... sorry the photo didn't work. At least she was good practice, right?