Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 Dogs in 30 Days List!

All right!!!! We are all set to get started tomorrow morning! Here is the list of Dogs and their Owners and their DATE of creation!!!

July 1- Bob's bichon Cody
July 2- Ruth's greyhound, Grey Girl (and Frank the Pug will happen too!)
July 3- Megan's viszla, Sasha
July 4- Bethany's short-hair pointer (I think) Warren and maybe Gurdy too
July 5- Tini's great dane Nala
July 6- Elizabeth's standard poodle Tony
July 7- Karen's bloodhound Tighe
July 8- Kelly's pekingnese Cricket
July 9- Janis' whippet
July 10- Brenna's Finn
July 11- Peggy's shepard mix Kenai
July 12- Paul & Jeff's Gussie
July 13- Andy & Kathy's Panchan
July 14- Katherine's long-haired dox Henri
July 15- KelliRae's retriever Matilda
July 16- Jennifer's golden Bella
July 17- Pat & Mary Laurel's Glacier
July 18- Kate's portuguese water dog
July 19- Cami's collie
July 20- Liz's Bella
July 21- Sara's borzoi
July 22- Mary & Kevin's dox and basset
July 23- Alex' boxer
July 24- Tanya's mom's black lab Nika
July 25- Nick's retriever Max
July 26- Jean's german shep Penny
July 27- Susan's mini-greyhound Marc
July 28-Mel's papillon, Rupert Fritillary Cathcart
July 29- Kathy's terrier Garcia
July 30- Ginna's daschunds Beans & Frank

I have a waiting list forming as well, and will see if I can fit these additional dogs in! As it is, there ARE 31 days in July, so someone will probably be popped in at the last minute. Also, I am talking to the Minneapolis Parks about having an evening showing of the works on August 2 somewhere. As soon as I know, it will be posted HERE!

Stay tuned for more caninine FUN!!!

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