Tuesday, March 16, 2010

working last night, and now it's tuesday- yup i think every other day might be a better expectation...
i couldn't find a photo i was crazy about for the longest time, and then saw this one- its not a great shot but i really wanted to do a Bingo/Gus painting, showing how they relate to one another- Bing is usually resigned about Gus' attentions- Gus is licking the older dog's face in a dash-in-dash-out move~
this is how i start- pencil sketch on black gessoed board~
i'll try to finish tonight and repost~

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Patrick said...

Very Cool Kat! Love the 'behind the scenes' seeing your process thing on this one. And posting everyday, especially posting art and photos can be overwhelming, so don't burn yourself out becuae I'm really enjoying this.

Love you!